What did Néstor say? Without his opinion we do not advance...

Néstor encompasses encouragement, possibility, and wisdom in his welcoming demeanour and beautiful spirit. I have been a true believer of Néstor’s guidance for many years. He is always willing to help, to coach, and to use his abilities to find peace and light where needed. I highly recommend Néstor if you are searching for an alternative perspective in your life.
Nadine Weis

With his intuitive reading of my life situations, Néstor, provided me with spiritual and psychological support, as well as amazingly practical solutions for going forward.
John Rubino ― Canada.

Néstor is the kindest and most modest person I have ever met. He uses his gift to help and guide those he counsels to a place of peace and knowledge of how to help themselves. His readings are always accurate and informative.
La Toya Benjamin Brampton ― Ontario, Canada.

Your reading made me feel you knew me since birth. You talked to me about my struggles, as well as my victories. I was speechless for how much you knew about me.
Adelina Fonseca ― Toronto, Canada, Born in Mozambique.

Néstor spoke to me with care, truthfulness and honesty in a very difficult moment of my life. His guidance is unforgettable. I am thankful to have found him. I very often remember your predictions and advices. Thank you once more for your support.
Zeynep ― Producer from Istanbul, Turkey.

I lacked direction in my professional pursuits. It was Néstor who told me, "You are a nurse at heart". Today that is my profession and, not only that, I am happy being a nurse. He also told me to learn to listen without absorbing the emotional burden of others. I put this into practice. And, although I continue to listen to people’s problems, I no longer suffer along with them. At first, I really felt lost and demoralized, but talking to Néstor gave me peace.
Paola Rojas ― Argentina.

During the most difficult moments of our lives, Néstor gave us support and wise, sound advice. Thanks to his counsel, we were able to move forward safely on the right path and without fear. Today we can say that we are enjoying a prosperous and stress-free period. Thank you Néstor, for setting us on the right path.
Marcela & Jason ― Brampton, Canada.

My experience during my consultation with Néstor was excellent. His insights and healing treatments led me to a much better place in my life. I will always be grateful because his counsel and wise advice led me to be a more loving, prosperous and happy person.
Lola ― Barcelona, Spain.

Néstor, you were of great help during a complicated moment in my life. Thank you for listening, for your advice and spiritual assistance. Today, I am a different woman, thriving, and surrounded by love, peace and happiness. Thank you.
Veronica M. Trelew ― Chubut, Argentina.

Néstor, he is a great human being.
Margarita Saa ― , Ecuador .

I have known Néstor for twenty-five years and I can attest to his professionalism, extraordinary gifts of clairvoyance and skill in interpreting Tarot cards. Néstor has a great human quality and an ability to advise and help resolve personal and professional issues. He has been a great support for my family and me during all these years.
MBH of Toronto― Canada.

My experience has been excellent. It has been thirty years that Néstor has been helping me, my family and friends. Néstor provides wise, sound advice.
Iris Gloria― Stefan.

I have known Néstor for almost 30 years. I can attest to his professionalism, reliability and discretion, as well as the high level of accuracy of his predictions. However, what makes me go back to see him over and over again is the opportunity to have a friendly and entertaining conversation, where I am always listened to and encouraged to face life with hope and eagerness. Néstor gives me the inspiration to continue coping with the difficulties and hardships of everyday challenges, with grace.
Delia― Toronto, Canada.

During challenging moments in my life, both personally and professionally, I can say that I have had Néstor's hand and spiritual support to make important and difficult decisions at crucial times. With the help of mystical offerings, and with practical sound advice based on his vision, Néstor uses the needed phrases and words to propel motivation. Even with the vast distance of an ocean between us, he was always present, always ready, always available to hear, and always helpful. My business partners and friends and I are extremely pleased and grateful for his assistance and advice.
Gus Montero― Miami, USA.

Néstor has been a dear source of enlightenment when the road has seemed difficult and unpassable. His clairvoyance skills are amazing, and this might scare you a bit! Still, his demeanor is always welcoming; his words offer good perspective, grounded in common sense and positivity, with passionate sincerity. After a talk with him, I usually find myself calm and reinvigorated, and looking at things in a new, positive light.
Nelson Franco.

A friend from Canada recommended that I speak with Néstor. After having experienced his intuitive readings, offerings and healing rituals for the last 8 years, I can say that my life changed for the better. I used to live in a conservative, highly bigoted region of the country, where I cleaned fish which were bigger and heavier than me. Through Néstor, I found the strength to make the leap and move to a more open, cosmopolitan and modern city, where I just obtained my nursing assistant diploma and where I find a path to a better, freer and fairer life with every step I take. With his human qualities, his vision and his capacity to listen, Néstor has allowed me to visualize a better life for myself, helping me to find a way to make my dreams come true.
Randy H. (LGBTQI+)Barcelona― España

I feel very fortunate to have had Néstor as my spiritual guide for the last thirty years. He has helped me countless times, and his words are like a balsam of calmness as I tread through choppy waters. His wisdom fills my days with an indescribable sense of peace. I am grateful to God for having given Néstor those gifts, and for placing him in my path.
Lucky Jara Rivera, (born in Riobamba, Ecuador) ―Toronto, Canada

Nestor advised me when my partner was coming out of a month-long coma, and likely dying.  The insights that Nestor gave me through his reading of my partner's signature told me what how my partner's journey after the coma would continue. Nestor reading not only revealed the truth about what would happen--he gave me incredible insights into how I could understand and process what was to come next. Nestor's way of stating it made it not sad, but ultimately a great honor to my partner's wishes--reflecting the deepest understanding of what he (my partner) was experiencing. Ultimately, Nestor's words gave my partner's loved ones great comforts that we would have never had access to without Nestor's help. His consultation was one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me in my life.
Jim Milke, ―Boston, USA

I have the honor and pleasure to know Nestor Gaetán, personally and professionally, for over 25 years. During that time, I have been witness to his profound and extraordinary talent for shamanistic science, as well as, his knowledge and compassion for the complexity of the human experience. He is deeply involved with the Orishas, transcending mere ritual, making a believer out of any skeptic. The support he has given me through grief and life transitions has been invaluable, as well as, life affirming. Trustworthy and with a great sense of humor, Nestor is adept at infusing anyone with hope and strategy for a successful future. His range of services falls well within the spectrum of emotional support. I am proud to know that there are still people like him in the world and that practices and nurtures ancestral knowledge to deal with this, according to my views, a world lost in a sea of scientific materialism and colonialism.
Ana Montero, BSW, RSW, RP ―Social Worker and Psychotherapist in Toronto