Here are some of the questions you might have about Néstor:

When did he first realize he had psychic abilities?
He was seven years old when he started to know what was happening in people’s lives. Without a word from them, he could tell what bothered them and how sad they felt—even when they were smiling at him as a young child.
He started to know the truth whenever the truth was hidden from him. As a very young child in Buenos Aires, one day as he was watching TV, he had a vision that foresaw the consequences of the 1976 military coup in Argentina two years before it happened.

What is the ideal way to prepare for a reading?
If you feel that any of the services that NéstorI provides might be useful to your needs, a reading—whether Tarot or intuitive reading—can be helpful. Tarot is especially insightful as a large spectrum reading, and intuitive readings work well for a direct, issue-oriented reading.
In any case, readings are not for curious people, but for people who are in need of one. Néstor’s experience has shown him that, while some readings bring good news, others do not. Therefore, he would not suggest having a reading done for entertainment only but rather as philosophical discussion about life issues.

How does shamanism relate to western medicine?
Although, Néstor is a pragmatic believer, he has experienced some miracles himself in cases where people were doomed by western medicine, legal advisors, and/or by society itself. He believes in science as much as he believes in spirituality—without conflict, but rather as one. They are part of our human construction like the physical form we have.

How has Néstor’s education helped him with this work?
Néstor’s readings have been very helpful in attaining a sociology degree. They have helped him to understand that the same visions he had were part of the construction of our world. Thus, enriching his skills at understanding, that our spirituality and social sciences are two ways of understanding the same life issues. Many of the Anthropology studies he read and explored had also helped him value the need we all have to deeply reach inside ourselves to better understand the world around us, which in turn is our world, the one that makes us feel the way we do.

What are some of the things Néstor cannot do?
People had asked him to make them win the lottery, make them millionaires, have them married someone who did not love them, hurt their enemies. Such requests are outside his set of believes and values.
Néstor does not believe people can find richness in monetary wealth, but in a combination of all. He believes the best revenge against any enemy, is be good to yourself, there is no need to divert energy in negative harmful thoughts to achieve any good outcomes.
Néstor strongly believes that to love and respect yourself is the best way to be a faithful companion and a partner of your own dreams.
Néstor believes and works with people who believe that there is a way to minimize negative impact of life misfortunes by highlighting their fortunes, and help to latch onto the probable vs. the impossible.
Many have requested miracles, but as a spiritual helper for people, not a magician , miracles escape his abilities as they are an event of their own. He cannot deny that the combination of positive energy between two people or more can help for a miracle to happen.