Partly descended from the indigenous Diaguita tribes (who lived from the 8th to 16th Centuries in parts of what are now known as Argentina and Chile): Néstor has learned that some of his ancestors served their communities as healers and intuitive advisors. He had his first “vision” at the age of ten, foreseeing the violent ‘Junta’ that would terrorize Argentina following Juan Perón’s death

His visions continue to this day. Since childhood, he has also been able to determine when people were hiding the truth from him, which has helped Néstor and his client’s innumerable times, in the years since. These natural abilities were augmented when, as a young teenager, he entered a Brazilian/African Spiritual Temple in Argentina and was introduced to the living Gods of Africa in the Americas.

Upon arrival in Toronto as a young adult in 1988, without knowing a word of English, Néstor established a practice as a spiritual advisor in the local Spanish-speaking community. Word-of-mouth expanded his practice to the extent that The Toronto Star wrote an article in 1996 telling the story of his now successful and renowned practice in that city. He continued to develop his expertise and ability to help clients, with the completion of a Bachelor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, in 2003.

Néstor’s accomplishments expanded beyond his practice as a Visionary, Intuitive and Inspirational Counsellor. He expanded his work as a radio producer at OndasHispanas Radio & 1610 AM, as the creator and host of Speaking with an Accent on 1610 AM’s Radio Voces Latinas, and he also acts as a creative and strategic advisor for filmmakers. Continually growing and expanding his skills, Néstor answered the call to actively continue on his spiritual journey. Following in the steps of his Diaguita great-grandmother, he began traveling the “Inca Trail”, going through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, providing the impoverished residents of the countryside with his traditional healing practices, and honing his skills even further.

Néstor now divides his time between Barcelona and the Basque countryside in Spain, Argentina, and Toronto, Canada, continuing his work with clients, many from three generations of the same families. He is currently doing research on his ancestors in preparation for his future book.