Néstor Gaetán is a visionary, an intuitive and an inspirational counsellor. For almost forty years, he has been reading Tarot cards and practicing African & South American Healing Arts to help his clients clarify and achieve their goals.

As a modern-day shaman, Néstor Gaetán works with clients from around the world assisting them to improve their physical, mental and spiritual health, increase their vitality and power, and pursue their personal growth and self-development.

Through his guidance, Néstor  leads his clients to use their own energies and personal circumstances to improve targeted elements of their lives, careers, relationships, health, their future, and more.

Néstor’s mission is to work with great compassion and kindness to understand each person’s personality and needs, utilizing the approach that will most likely facilitate them with insights and understandings that they can put into action.


Néstor works together with his clients to ensure that they are comfortable and receptive to the advice and guidance that he provides. Together they arrive to the conclusions and potential solutions that best serve each client’s needs.   

It is each person’s needs and approach to their own personal life that sculpts the form and fashion of how each situation is handled by Néstor. For some people, it is easier to have a pragmatic and practical approach. To others, a more spiritual, religious, or abstract counseling is the right way to help them. For others, it depends on their psychological condition, usually as a response to their social realities.

Néstor shares the visions he receives during consultation with each individual and together they interpret them and debate to arrive at conclusions that lead to a positive proposition to be applied, especially in critical situations.


"Empathy is the most important quality a visionary or intuitive reader must have."N.G.

Holistic Guidance

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Clairvoyance Coaching

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Tarot Cards

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Space Cleansing

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Holistic Support

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